About Beeztees

Hi! We are Beeztees; a brand specialized in toys and accessories for pets. We find it important to make your pet’s life as fun, healthy and safe as possible. Because just like you, we also want the best for your pet. And that has been our mission for over 45 years now. Maybe that is why we have become so popular with pet owners and their pets.

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Large product selection

Our assortment offers a large selection of products for dogs, cats, rodents, birds and fish. From toys to grooming items, Beeztees always offers you a nice gift for your pet.

Beeztees spotlight

Each month we bring some of our products to your attention. This month we put our new Beeztees tie out set under your attention.

Spring has started and the dogs can go play outside again. Your dog can enjoy the summer with the Beeztees tie out set. The Beeztees tie out set consists a spiral and a dog leash 6 feet long. Turn the spiral into the ground and attach the line to the collar of the dog and to the coil. Now, the dog gets enough freedom of movement without having to drain. The set is suitable for dogs up to 27 kg.



The Beeztees formula

Here at Beeztees, we adapt our assortment every year
to the latest styles and demands. Every time we replace
approximately 1.000 of our items. Besides that, we design and
develop a big part of our products ourselves.
This way we make sure that your pet receives only
nice, healthy and safe products from us.

  • Quality


  • Renewing

    We find this the most fun part to do

  • Reliable

    Our products are safe and reliable

The very newest and most fun items for your pet!

Because you only want the coolest and best products for your pet, we will make sure to keep offering you something new.